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Elegant Flooring in Pakistan

Elegant Flooring in Pakistan

The Antonovich splendid floor design is synonymous to a lucid dream, a fantasy land where everything is possible. This room gives you a glimpse of what is inside a bottle of a genie that kept him inside for a thousand years in his abode. The fine details around the area such as the lotus flower design on the mirror wall, the golden borders, give it a Persian character, the well elucidated chamber was achieved with the use of the LED lights that are sustaining the brightness of the room but is environmentally friendly. The marriage of the curves goes well along the straight lines that are created by the fusion of two corners; they balance each other splendidly and an effective portrayal of the flowing water that surges along the riverbanks. The crystals in this chamber gives it the  magical sparkle that keeps you afloat while wandering around the floor; meanwhile the brown door is  the only dark color in the room, giving emphasis to the shadow underneath the staircase that lessens the impact of attention that it can garner. 

The fine details of the rails on the second floor are like flowers that bloom in the spring, in lieu with this are the iron pattern on the windows that are like leaves sprouting with its bud on the tip; and the other window fashioned like the fluttering butterflies around the blossoms. Meanwhile, the chandelier is highly amusing to the reason that it renders the whole chamber with the glimmering light and at the same time, it accentuates the grandiosity of the entire room as it is hoisting above the magnificently decorated ceiling, mesmerizing to the eyes of any living person in the planet. The furniture combination of this room is well placed, the melody of the lightly shaded sitting room couches are similar to the foams created by water cascading down a fountain, and the center table being the fountain that is like the heart of the sitting area. While the floors made up of marble creates an illusion that it is the earth that is being nourished by the water. 

The Antonovich splendid floor design, beyond doubt is the perfect word suitable to for this floor design, it parallels the beauty that it projects.

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