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Men's Majlis in Pakistan

Mens Majlis in Pakistan

The Antonovich interior majlis design is definitely one of the finest when it comes to sitting room designs. A majlis is a room where people gathered with common interest in cultural, linguistics, administrative, social or religious in the Islamic countries are received and entertained. Usually, majlis has cushions placed around the walls where the visitors sit, but on this type, the cushions are placed upon a raised shelf that creates an illusion of a couch, but with the progress of time, the present day majlis use long couches to provide maximum comfort. Majlis are often decorated by the women; it is their task to keep the place clean and appealing.

This majlis is accustomed to the modern age wherein rose and gold are combined. The ceiling is bordered with chains of white and gold over the rose colored background, and then enclosed with the light on the edges and then again, enclosed with a rose line and then studded with the lights near the wall. As your eyes go down a little bit, you can see the softness of the drapes as it is suspended in the air by the rods that hold it together while creating the pouch that gravity pulls down. The sheer fabric on the windows permits natural light to enter in the room, allowing the guests to have a glimpse on the courtyard outside. The majlis is considered to be the most extravagant part of a room; it is where you place your best foot forward, not only on decorating it but on how you accommodate your guests. The simplicity of the chandelier and the lamps in the room allows the guests to focus on their topic a lot more than on the marvelous beauty of the room. The humongous doors serves as an entry and exit point for the guests, and the presidential seat is where the highest official will have his position so he can see them all in his place. The whole room smells lovely with the mild scent of Dhan al Ward or rose flower oil with a hint of the traditional bukhoor to give the room a warm and welcoming ambiance to the guests.

The Antonovich majlis is an astonishing room, with the elegant color combination and details on the chamber, it is a remarkable majlis, a place where guests will truly feel that they are at home; welcome and loved.

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