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Luxurious Bedroom Karachi Pakistan

Luxurious Bedroom Karachi Pakistan

Every home’s sanctuary is its bedroom that is why Katrina Antonovich makes it a priority to give each client a serene and luxurious space to feel comfortable and relax after a long day’s hard work.

Here at Luxury Antonovich Design, we customize each bedroom to every client’s preference- Elegance. 

  • In this space, neural- warm tones are used to make space look bigger and gives the illusion of a brighter space. The walls and as well as the ceilings are intricately decorated with gold linings and topped off with hard-to-find crystal chandelier. Wood accents give a rustic touch to the elegant room.
  • Custom wall-sized headboard that matches the lamp and bedside table gives justice, not only, to aesthetics but also functionality.
  • The unique design of the modern double coffee table gives the room a very distinct feel that fits any settings. It is a functional piece that gives not just character to the room, but can also be useful and last long.
  • The printed mirror gives an old feeling to the room, which overall compliments the modern luxury design and rustic wood accents. It has the perfect mix of contemporary and modern luxury that you surely won’t miss. 

Katrina Antonovich leaves no room for flaws

Katrina `Antonovich’s design gives you the feel of a lavish five-star hotel presidential suit because of the king size bed, silk covered sheets, padded headboard, and gold trimmings. She creates a warm and snug place that welcomes anyone who will see it. 

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