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Elite Clinic Design in Pakistan

Elite Clinic Design in Pakistan

The Antonovich clinic interior design is a public space design that is focused on the health care services. The usual appearance of a health care facility is having a white room with white background, but due to continuous studies, with this type of setting, some patients, mostly kids had developed trauma in going to such health care facilities and believe it or not, the triggering part of this is the color white.

Hence, the researchers studied the relevance of the color white to the occurrence of the said phenomenon, also, to find a solution to the underlying problem, hence they tried different approaches to eliminate the said problem, and the most prevailing solution up to this time is by changing the environment. Though, the color white is associated with purity and cleanliness, somehow it also harbors a lot of microorganisms that is masked within this color, they developed also that this color triggers the white coat syndrome among pediatric patients, that children exhibits tantrums with just seeing the white wall and a health care provider wearing a white hospital coat. And that is the brief history of why the clinics and hospitals are fashioned in a colorful way. Besides, isn’t it nice to have yourself treated in a hospital that looks like a hotel? It drives out the nervous feeling of having a vaccine shot.

The light blue theme of this clinic gives it a glacial ambiance, also, allowing the room to have a more spacious character. The lights are positioned strategically on the middle and are lined with lights on the edges to give a dramatic effect over the walls. The windows are large and the blinds are automated, to allow natural light to enter the room—this natural light is well known for its radiation and ultraviolet, a main component in killing harmful bacteria, and automated blinds to decrease contamination. The pairing of the light blue shade creates a cool and calming surrounding, allows you to relax, also there is a study that said the indoor blue lights decreases the bacteria count due to its ultraviolet content, hence the brightness of the blue light is concealed by the calming shade of the glacial aquamarine blue. The Antonovich clinic interior design is the most prestige fashion in modern clinics today, we design not only to provide aesthetic beauty but also it functions as well, providing you a clean and beautiful environment.

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