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Classic Kitchen Design in Lahore

Classic Kitchen Design in Lahore

The Antonovich classic kitchen design looks very familiar for those who are a kid at heart. It is similar to the fancy kitchens in one of the classic fairy tales stories shown on cartoons, like the royal kitchen of a queen. This design is inspired by the Victorian era art. The simple combination of golden brown and white is emphasized by the marvelous lining on the ceiling, adorned by the chandelier. Based on the frontal aspect, it feels like the chandelier is about to sing you a welcome song; as the flatware ill come out of the cupboards and present themselves to you.

The ancient Greek style is outstanding in this kitchen, as the entablature of the cabinets and cupboards were of the classic Doric style, amplified by the lighting; increase its timelessness, together with the columns of the room. The detailed carvings all around the room are continuous to the floor, creating an illusion that the room is designed with trinkets of laurel leaves, signifying the champion in ancient Greek times, and the pattern on the floor that is like vines growing and crawling. The strategic placing of the kitchen sink and counter in the middle gave the room a little touch of modernity, this position decreases accidents in the kitchen; as we all know, mothers love to cook in the kitchen and children automatically follows them, this ample space can keep them off the stove to prevent injuries. The granite counter also is a common place for the aspiring chefs in the kitchen bumps too and have an accident, but then again, its round edged kitchen counter decreases this type of accident, making the kitchen a less hazardous place, and friendly to the household.

The Antonovich classic kitchen design is endowed with class, and nurturing aura of a grandmother about to pass the family’s secret recipe, it is a place where you feel loved, a place where you cannot feel alone, and somewhere you can find comfort while cooking. Preparing meals for the family is a difficult and tiring task, but with this room, it is like you are energized and can cook with all your heart out. The magic of the Antonovich kitchen.

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