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Sophisticated Bedroom Interior Design Lahore

Sophisticated Bedroom Interior Design Lahore

Bedroom design? Weve got them all. Whether you like a clean, sharp, and edgy bedroom or an elegant, sophisticated, regal glaze. Everything that you are looking for when it comes to bedroom interior design can be catered by our company. The bedroom is the perfect place for tranquility and regeneration. We will construct and style your bedroom according to your personal taste. With this, we carefully choose colors, textures, flooring, and furniture. We will combine these elements into creating your perfect stylish and elegant abode.

The Design

This particular bedroom design is chic and modern. It is specifically designed for a woman. We decided to give it a touch of femininity and edginess. The color palette that was chosen possesses a calm atmosphere and also compliments well with the bedroom furniture. The crystal chandelier lighting is placed in the center of the room to spread its light evenly inside the bedroom. White and cream is the primary color, it gives a nice homey ambiance into the bedroom. Collaborated with light pink and purple as secondary colors, and finished with some gold accents. A plant is placed across the bed to add some balance and earthy hue.

Accessorizing the bedroom adds the perfect finishing touch to the entire design. These soft silk sheets add comfort and style to the overall look. The bedside tables in the glossy white finish, are a very stylish way to organize some personal stuff. A bedroom office is also placed across the bed making it easy for you to access important work at home. It has a comfortable high-back velvet pink chair that adds some style. The bedroom also features a vanity mirror and a closet. Lastly, it is accentuated with a nice velvet purple bench for an additional chic space. With our high-quality standards, we can assure you that the designs are 100% unique and personalized.

The Luxury Antonovich Design company has made its name since 2002 until the present. The company has been unbeatable ever since. We have the best female designer Katrina Antonovich. She creates an interior masterpiece, creating a bedroom that is full of love and passion for her craft. You can contact us for a free quotation.

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