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Chic Bathroom Lahore

Chic Bathroom Lahore

It’s a much simpler strategy to pull off interior designs of the living room and bedroom. You may ask, how to do the same in the bathroom? How can a bathroom look fancy and luxurious? We are here to help you answer these questions, as we showcase to you our elegantly designed bathroom space. This bathroom was designed and built to the highest standards by Luxury Antonovich Design. Well constructed and developed with only the best materials. You will surely fall in love with our bathroom designs

Important Details for Bathroom Construction

  • Plumbing: We make sure that the plumbing is perfectly placed keeping your bathroom free of leakage. We make sure that the materials used are high-quality products that will last a century. 
  • Ventilation: It is important that your bathroom is ventilated well for a number of reasons. First, it prevents molds and dews to form inside the bathroom. Second is that proper ventilation gets rid of unwanted smells of your bathroom making it smell fresh and clean. Your bathroom should not only look luxurious, it should also smell luxurious.
  • Electricity: We make sure that the bathrooms electricity is safely placed. This is very, very important because, as we all know, water and electricity don’t mix. No matter what design you have chosen, we always make sure that your safety comes first.

The Layout & Shower Area

This all tile design is the most luxurious and expensive design. The ceiling to floor tile application makes the room appear more grand and beautiful. The marble tiles are installed in a geometric mosaic-like pattern giving the room more space and makes it look bigger. The white walls with gold accents add the luxurious theme to the bathroom. The glass shower cubicle looks glamorous and elegant, making it the main focus of the bathroom. The ceramic bathroom sink fabulously adds class to the whole interior of the bathroom. We also installed towel holders that are rectangular shaped, complementing the geometrical tiles of the bathroom. The overall “feel” of the bathroom embodies luxury and elegance. The white walls and gold accents made the bathroom look neat and fresh. It also gives the bathroom a modern physique. 

This luxurious bathroom design specifically brings out a fresh and clean atmosphere. Providing the homeowners a relaxed shower time. You may speak with us through our hotline, or contact us via email for your free quotations. 

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