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Antonovich Luxury Swimming Pool Pakistan

The Antonovich Gorgeous swimming pool is the present day paradise for pool lovers. It is the hybrid result of the ancient Great Bath pool in Mohenjo-Daro and the Kuttan Pakuna, these pools are the pioneering pools in the world, found in Pakistan and Sri Lanka respectively. These pools were made originally for training soldiers how to swim and to have a massive bath pool. With the aid of modern technology and architecture, the materials used in making one evolved, from red bricks and other adhesives into tiles and silicone seals, with an ingeniously designed pipe system for the pool to be filled and drained easily.

The wide waterfall backdrop creates an illusion that you are inside and under a block type fall, hidden and away from the busy world; like mermaids and nymphs swimming freely in their own paradise. The Doric styled pillars, adorned with ancient patterns inspired by the Persian architecture on its entablature are similar to the waterfall backdrop, creating an added illusion of the water falling down from the ceiling; meanwhile, the walls is similar to a cabin’s wood—a bit lightly shaded, like a white driftwood. The ceiling also creates an illusion of the clouds up above the sky, imitating the fresh outdoor feeling but minus the radiation and heat of the mighty sun, so you can enjoy swimming longer without having sunburn; while the lights installed creates a sparkling effect that makes the water in the pool sparkle like a diamond.

For those who prefer to relax, the Antonovich gorgeous swimming pool offers you a Jacuzzi, with a television mounted up in the wall, you can enjoy that long bath while sipping a drink in hand and watching your favorite show. Opposite the Jacuzzi, you can see the stunning bar, an inviting place to have your piña colada and have a small chit-chat with your buddies. As you step towards the pool to swim, you can see the marvelously designed flooring, like vines that crawl up to the trees inside a rainforest, and as you swim into your luxurious pool, you can feel the current created by the waterfall while floating in bliss.

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