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Interior House Design Lahore

House Interior Design Lahore

What makes an interior design stand out? A well and neatly decorated interior not only functions appropriately but it generates an ambiance or a sensation that shows off the personality of the family and the homeowners. We have always paid attention to these section - function, mood, and personality. Aiming to flawlessly accomplish these three qualities are the greatest way to achieve the perfect house interior design. We always make sure that the interior design of your home is well designed. Our firm, together with our chief designer Katrina Antonovich will make sure that the implementation of our clients desired interior design is well compiled and executed. Putting together your ideas and collaborating it with our team to perfectly construct your ideal home.


Decorating is not just about making the space beautiful — it is about making a room work for you. And we make sure that each corner and space has its function. Rooms and spaces have areas where one stands out from the other (these are places that we normally spot-on once we enter a room) — in our photographs above this villa interiors focus are the chandelier, the lounge chair, and the whole elegance of the facade. In a room, we always obtain a natural focal point that draws attention from the entire room. We make sure that the furniture satisfies the functions of the room. We make sure to position the correct size for each space and we make sure to calculate the best angle of each furniture.We select the proper lighting for better visual appeal. Accent lighting, track lighting, floor spots, or recessed spotlights these lights help enhance the rooms texture, color, and details.


Our aim when it comes to creating a mood for a room is the perfect choice of colors, the style of furnishings, a number of textures and patterns that will be complementary to each other. We highly establish a theme and we make sure that every element added will give more life to the room. Color should always work together with the theme. Its best to pick out three colors in designing a room: a primary color, used for walls, carpeting, and fabric backgrounds; a secondary color, found throughout the room in fabrics and accessories; and an accent color, used sparingly to give spark and delight to the room. Themes may sound like a very difficult decision to have. But once you have settled on what theme you would like to incorporate into your home, it will be much easier for us to work on it. We will gather ideas with you and whether you decide to have a classic luxurious theme or a modern minimalist aesthetic we always make sure that the theme will harmonize with each other.


This is where we ask our clients to collaborate with us and pinpoint every detail that they wish to be presented. Adding paintings, frames, vases, pillows, and carpets are all essential components of a great interior design. We make sure to balance these accessories within the theme that our client had chosen. These extra ornaments will allow your personality to be exhibited.

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