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Exclusive Hotel Design in Lahore

Exclusive Hotel Design in Lahore

The Antonovich Exclusive hotel is an exemplary foyer; creating a warm and hospitable atmosphere suitable for a world-class Auberge. The reception area is designed with square patterns, depicting a secure place to stay. The round chandelier contrasts the square pattern, making it stand out on the golden backdrop; meanwhile, the little spotlights hanging from the ceiling breaks the wall color, giving a break to the continuous waves and lines behind it. The tiled wall is made with a continuous flowing pattern of the colors brown and white, similar to the core of a wood; and as you look down, the divider made the room glimmer with its marvelous shine as it continues to the floor, also fashioned with the four-sided figure.

The amber shade emits a friendly vibe that will make you feel at home, the white reception counter creates a sincere and approachable character; and the unique table piece on the left side of this humble front desk gently lures you to have a glimpse of its attractive glow. The long lines of the white panels on the side, lined with a bronze finish, join together on the middle part, allowing your eyes to focus on the front desk receptionist. The minimalist approach on the ornaments was formulated to keep you and the receptionist focused on each other; as hotels are widely known for their hospitality service and public relations, it simply minimizes the distraction.

The other reception area possesses a wavy ceiling, similar to ribbons twirling and flowing tenderly around the room. The counter, on the other hand, is made of combined materials such as wood and granite, for a firm, sturdy and classy appearance. The lighting is focused on two sides, one for the receptionist’s and the other on the client’s side, emphasizing on their presence. The other counter also creates a balance of the soft carpet, and mellowly etches on the glass panel is the opposing factor of the hard and straight lines the counter and wall emit.

The Antonovich lobby design makes the room cozy, yet serious and down to business; while the soft and silky wall décor creates a backdrop for a comforting environment.

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