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Pakistan Home Layout Structure

Pakistan Home Layout Structure

The Antonovich villa floor plan in Dubai is the skeletal framework of this dream house. Floor plans are made to keep the master design of the house, a guide to the engineers and architect that are working through the house. It is an overhead map of the whole floor, it can also have electrical wiring mapped but is marked with a specified color. The doors also have a specific drawing, if its flap is angled on a ninety degree and joined with a small arch, but the lines that drew it is thinner than the other, it denotes where the door swings open. Usually, doors are given an inside angled hinge, to facilitate the pushing motion in opening a door while going in and a safety feature for those who are outside.

In this floor plan, the lights on the plan were drawn on a small dot, and a line straight outside to mark its identifying number. The house is drawn into a scaled manner; for example, a one-meter mark is drawn on an inch scale and a foot in a millimeter. Prints like these were usually made on large blueprints, but nowadays, with the help of the ever-progressive modern technology, a floor plan can be made into a three-dimensional one unlike the manual two dimensioned floor plan at a shorter span of time.

The Dubai villa floor plan is was carefully made; computations are also present to show the angles of the roof, column thickness and angle of the arch to support the weight of the wall. This plan is not just any drawing; it is the heart of the building. It is where the ideas, concepts, and designs are placed and organized, any small mistake about the scale on this plan is very crucial to the implementation of the foundation. Even the sample textures on the room are sampled on this plan, combined with the other small-scaled elements of the house.

The Antonovich Company is composed of the world’s finest architects and engineers, all joint to make your dream home a reality. The layouts are carefully made with accuracy and precision, closest to the real thing. With Antonovich, we provide safe and world class villas, making you sleep soundly as everything is in good hands.

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