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House Sketch Karachi

Karachi House Sketch

Floor planning and house planning has a very important part in building houses. Luxury Antonovich Design creates floor plans that are fully developed. From the pipe lines, to the elecricity lines, to the exterior and interior everything is detailed.

Presenting the best floor plans will show the clients the idea of how the houses will be built. It is a tool used to comminicate how the flow of the house will be. Luxuri Antonovich Design uses this diagram to ensure the measurements, including the appliances, furnitures and everything else that needs to be placed inside and outside a home.

Importance of Floor Plans

·         Precautions about the safety of all the wirings.

·         Utilizing the floor plan to create proper measurements of the whole house, including the exterior and Interior.

·         Used to comminicate the design of the house to potential clients.

The strategic design of Luxury Antonovich Design makes a charismatic visualization about the house that they build. Making the construction easier both for the client and the team.This specific house plan in Karachi is an example of Luxury Antonovich Design. 

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