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Luscious Landscape in Lahore

Luscious Landscape in Lahore

The Antonovich Landscape design encompasses a luxurious trail leading to the marvelous façade of the house. When we speak of landscape architecture, it is a field with combined disciplines, from the study of plants, the art of growing it and flowers, studies of the climate, soil, and land that will be used in growing

the foliage, and how the flora and fauna influence ones behavior and mood. All of these are combined in your own domicile; a glimpse from it will immediately convey you into your own paradise and be in one with nature.

The hard materials or the man-made items generate a light backdrop for the vegetations that is arranged on the lane heading to the fascia. The plants were arranged in a spacious manner, allowing for its growth and grouping them into clusters of pleasant combinations; the plants and trees are arranged in a way that they are welcoming you home, with each sway from the gentle wind, like a waving arm of a loved one calling you to come inside. The fountain that spews out water which cascades gently into the reservoir produces a mellowing flow to cleanse your thoughts and be in a relaxed state.

The white finish of the house was also accentuated by the wooden color of the other room; with the generously proportioned windows replicate the image of the greens, bestowing it the life-giving color onto its dimly hued face. Brown tiles on the ground which were combined with white and a beige tone were patterned like patches of land in flowing water leading you to the main porch; the steps were also illuminated to give you a better sight of the walkway, garden and the house at night; with the majestic front face being framed into the luscious greens, perfectly manicured grass enclosing your panoramic view of your abode.

The Antonovich landscape design emits an inviting quality, an eco-friendly and sustainable environment promoting the relationship between man and nature, a place where the best of both worlds are combined into one place, and that is the Antonovich magic.

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