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Palatial Flooring Design Pakistan

Palatial Flooring Design Pakistan

Katrina Antonovich is a one-of-a-kind visionary. She uses only the best materials to create the most breathtaking interior designs and incorporates modern architectural techniques to accomplish a house design worth every penny.

Marble is one of the materials she has mastered working with. Of all flooring options, it is considered the most luxurious and fancy material. Some would even be harvested from far away regions only to give you, the best of the best. In this floor design, Katrina Antonovich used white marbles with contrasting black marbles to give the house a classic and chic aura. 

Mirrored walls can make or break a house’s design. But in this case, Katrina Antonovich used this elegantly detailed mirrors to make space look bigger and bolder.It also serves the purpose of reflecting more light.

One of the major focal points of this room would be the shell-shaped chair which compliments the entire room. It gives emphasis on all the round decors. Katrina Antonovich plans everything even the smallest details. the choice of furniture is so eccentric that it gives not just luxury to the room but also animates the black and white hues.

Metals are also used in this design. From the elegant double door up to the tiny details in the tables and plant pot.

The black marble stairs give a more dramatic emphasis to the classic design. It is another one-of-a-kind attributes to this home.

This two-tiered chandelier is a big statement. Crystal chandeliers are lavish and only for the expensive taste. LED lighted borders are also eye-catching and hard-to-miss as it is a modern feature to a classic style.

The second floor is a more private space compared to the ground floor. It should be a sanctuary for your family to enjoy. Here A splash of dark brown accent hues would greet you. The manly sofa compliments well the overall aesthetics of the second floor.

Modern style means modern technology. It goes hand in hand. Katrina Antonovich does not only uses the best materials but also sees to it the technology used in a house fits the style like a glove. \And to break away from the manly room. Katrina Antonovich also created a more feminine, soft and romantic space. With a burst of white and burgundy hues. It also gives an intimate feeling. Glass walls are great ways to separate rooms and gives the illusion of continuity.

Katrina Antonovich is not just a designer. It is a once in a lifetime experience to have her visions come to life. She can modify any house to your preference and gives it a touch of glam and sophistication.

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