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Contemporary architecture is becoming something more than just creating a comfortable and beautiful buildings. Each project of studio Luxury Antonovich Design is completely unique solutions architects and designers.And this lovely villa in a modern style has become another jewel in a series of an exclusive projects architectural bureau. Exactly contemporary style opens up to designers and architects incredible spaces for creative daring ideas architectural drawings. However, all these ideas emphasize the main rules of architectural composition and traditional moments. The building looks very harmonious and with artistic expression.  Exterior design is a great improvisation by talented authors of large and small forms.Enhances the texture and volume of the building the use of contrasting materials in the facade decoration.That facade of the building ensures the correct first impression of the house, the status of its owners, their taste, and perception of the world. In general, an architectural masterpiece combines traditional forms such as cubes, parallelepipeds, triangular prisms and cylinders. Architects elegantly generalize the external geometry of the home design so that it is easily perceived, and the design of the exterior gave a sense of aesthetic pleasure. In the modern style of building design and interior design are the most popular rectangular shape, which is very bright was reflected in the architectural design of the luxury home. Behind the external beauty of the building is complicated and scrupulous work of engineers and architects.Carefully planned all the walls, beams, floors, walls, openings height and overall height of the floors.