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  • the exchange tower 501 -floor 5
    Business bay, Dubai
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House Facade Design Dubai


No one can beat the greatness of our talented architects. While high rises keep springing up in the city, returning to houses and other engineering wonders that emerged in the past is as yet a treat. These houses were a great sight in the ever-changing world, with living arrangements of the home's structure. View the absolute most excellent house from the city's period of extravagance. Huge spaces have persuaded us to be increasingly imaginative with regards to amplifying every last bit of the floor plan while as yet guaranteeing a comfortable and agreeable home. To influence a restricted space to appear to be greater, we've figured out how to keep our things sorted out, pick the correct pieces, thus substantially more. Growing up, we've watched a few motion pictures or even read a book or two dependent on very much cherished fantasies. There are distinctive reasons why these accounts spoke to us, it very well may be the luxury of its design, the triumph of extravagance in style, or even the exciting feel of seeing one. How about we bring a trek through a world of fond memories and look at this super elegant and luxurious architecture by Luxury Antonovich Design? 


The swimming pool is not to be ignored because of its amazing shape and size. It is huge and can house several families, relatives, and even friends. You can easily host a party in this great home because of its spacious and well-maintained design. Be in awe of the elegance of this place. From the high ceiling with a roof that is equally elegant, to the landscapes that this place provides. You will surely be a stand-out in this huge house. The gates compliment the overall theme of the castle, with its height not too long and not too short as well. You will notice a bridge in the pictures which lead to the swimming pool. The overall outdoor theme of the house gives you the best relaxation that you wouldn't be able to get in any simple house, even in the hotels. Whatever it is, one thing's without a doubt, these styles enabled us to have our own vision of a house and dream about flawless spots. The style of this house highlight details and mixing of hues, one would feel that they can fill in as flawless home pegs! A space that appears to take inspiration from the castle of the richest in the city. You'd promptly feel that you're transported to another exceptional place, as well. The facade gives the space a light and vaporous vibe while the fun-loving hues and accents infuse life into the house.

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