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They say you havent seen the richest villa until youve seen it from real life, and we definitely agree! This villa by Luxury Antonovich Design takes everything to the next level and surely knows how to impress. One of Luxury Antonovich Design’s main exteriors, this complex villa design, will draw in hundreds of people daily to marvel at the views from its cozy and elegant vibe. At the top, you get to see the floor plan, the ever amazing details put into work, even the landscape that we incorporated. You can surely enjoy everything that you need in a villa in one go. The villa was well organized from start to finish, and you can stay as long as you want. There are recreational spots that you will surely adore. We also offer detailed construction that is sure groundbreaking. If you want more than just a simple neighborhood then this is a great option! A detailed design is a must-do for us, and our strategy in doing is amazing and top-notch. Contact us in advance to ensure that you receive the best quotation.


With so many buildings, cars and restaurants on the islands, the city seemed like the perfect paradise for outdoor lovers like us. However, not a lot of people know about this excellent villa and its breathtaking view. This complex villa is not just your usual rooms in the city as it offers more than just its scenery. Manned by amazing designers, the villa is well-designed with everything that you want, and it takes around a few minutes to appreciate its serene and breathtaking view. We at Luxury Antonovich Design certainly has a terrific reputation, and this gorgeous villa shouldn’t be left out!


No visit to the city would be complete without going to its amazing structures and buildings. Every day seems like a long ride from the city, so we offer an opportunity for you to relax in a cozy and modern complex villa. A thrilling and exciting place that you and your family can live in! The futuristic designs were behind this magnificent villa, and we were met with such passion in doing this project. Experience festivities with several amenities of this place. We must say, this villa is a great place to enjoy a luxurious getaway. Talk about a 360-degree change from the normal villages! Luxury Antonovich Design continuous to be one of the best architectural and interior design company in Dubai! We ensure that we provide the best design and experience not only locally, but internationally. Luxury Antonovich Design remains to be involved with more families in the future.

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