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Best exterior designing


An exterior designer should always know the reflection of what is inside the house. We turn your houses into a home and with our expertise and experience, we have been the top leader in innovating exterior design. If you are looking for the best in the industry then you are looking at the right one. Luxury Antonovich Design is committed to creating accessible exterior designs that are functional, beautiful, and practical. Our inspiration comes from different visual crafts that sight vibrant unique color combinations to create a dynamic exterior style that is one-of-a-kind. Whatever style you like – whether you have the love for warmer tones, or bungalows, or urban design trends – it is clear that our company has also adapted to different styles for the last few decades.


The architecture design of the house exterior is the facade that your guests see. There is nothing more necessary than having a beautiful house exterior. The accents such as landscape are also one of the features that the company prides to its clients. The bespoke and stylish decorations include unique solutions that are focused on the advancement of technologies. There are different types of Luxurious homes. And these are the types that the company has mastered over the years.

  • Bungalow: Bungalow is a one-story house which has a maximized space with a single floor design. This mostly needs a huge lot area in order to incorporate all the ideas.
  • Modern: Modern is a simple and trendy design which has sleek lines and minimal curves. It is more upright and quadrilateral than most of the other styles.
  • Colonial: This type is something that you see mostly that has a vibrant in color and some earthly elements that will surely take you back in historys Spanish colony.
  • Storybrook: A design that looks palatial and elegant. It is one of the expertise of Luxury Antonovich Design which includes gold plated fixtures and carved staircases.

Overall Luxury Antonovich Design can and will provide you the best architecture and exterior design solution that you need. They are motivated and true to their craft. They always seek their clients wisdom and incorporate their style to give these homes a personalized touch and characteristics. If you have not decided on a company yet, that will provide all the ideals of your home, then it is time that you consider Luxury Antonovich Design. Their professional architects and designers will surely give you an outstanding home exterior.

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