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New modern exterior design ideas


Any construction is not easy. The exterior of modern homes attracts us with its elegance, futurism and refinement. Important attributes — color palette and decoration. Pay attention to the combination of the building with the environment, its location is tangent to the cardinal points (most often buildings are directed to the east).

The modern and extraordinary solution to the construction of a country house from Luxury Antonovich Design, fascinates with its clearly defined lines and original forms. Even in such an application, profiled aluminum looks great, to say the least — stunning! The house creates the impression of prosperity and modernity. This is a work of art, and otherwise you will not call it, it was created to give warmth to its owners, who keep up with the times.


Modern futuristic minimalism — this is how the architects of Luxury Antonovich Design bureau defined the style of their work. A three-storey house has a complex spatial composition. The main volume is formed by a curvilinear curved monolithic surface forming a loop. Large in size fragments of facades are glazed, and asymmetrical window openings are different in shape. In the interior, as well as outside, only white color is used, structurally bringing together the architectonics of the house with its internal space.

White walls and glass, organically complement each other in this building from Luxury Antonovich Design. Inside this house there is space, light and original execution of non-standard forms. This is a modern architecture, but it has long and firmly secured the right to exist in the future. All rooms in the house are large and bright, and the terrace is almost completely fenced with curved wooden fences. Our company, engaged in the construction of houses from all kinds of materials, is glad to surprise our customers with original projects.

First of all, attention is drawn to the huge windows made on the motive of fantastic houses. An interesting combination of light plaster and glass elements produce the proper effect. Skillfully selected texture of the material deprives the building of monotony and gives the appearance of structure. The design of the exterior of the facade of a private house by Luxury Antonovich Design differs by a large variety of forms and textures — with glass and wooden elements, it gives respectability to the mansion. Our goal is to create for you a cozy and comfortable modern home with a unique architectural look that goes beyond standard solutions.

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