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From picturesque landscapes to luxurious amenities, this golf villa in Dubai offers the perfect setting for a family lifestyle. But what if you wanted to turn it into something more? Antonovich Group has covered what it takes to transform a golf villa from ordinary to extraordinary. From outdoor terraces to stylish landscaping, find out how you can give your Golf Villa in Dubai an elegant renovation for its exteriors! Antonovich Group is proudly presenting the details of renovation for exteriors inside a golf residential community in Dubai and explores the various aspects involved. From texture changes to creating an atmosphere of sophistication, come explore all the possibilities.

Antonovich Group has provided a complete renovation and fit-out on the exteriors and landscape design in this Golf Villa in Dubai that covers: Premium Re-painting solutions for the entire exterior, Resetting the elevation with the upgraded window set up, New interlock system, demolish procedures, and new plants, trees, and landscaping set up.


Premium Re-painting solutions - Golf Villa Residence in Dubai is one of the most coveted places to live in the city. And keeping up with its luxurious environment, it comes as no surprise that Exterior Paint for this residence is also top-notch. With Premium Paint and Finishing services from Antonovich Group every luxurious villa such as this residence in Golf Villa in Dubai.

New Upgraded window setup – When it comes to the technical aspect, the new windows have been set up to be much more energy-efficient than the old ones. They are made of a higher quality material that will not allow as much heat or cold to enter the home. This will help to keep utility bills lower and make the home more comfortable overall. The windows have also been tinted to help reduce glare and heat gain from the sun.

New Interlock System - There are many benefits to installing an interlock system at a golf villa in Dubai. Interlock systems by Antonovich Group can provide a safe and attractive environment for guests, and they can also help to keep the villa’s landscaping looking its best. However, there are some potential drawbacks to consider as well.

One of the biggest advantages of installing an interlock system is that it can help to create a safe environment for guests. Interlock systems can prevent children from wandering into areas where they could be injured, and they can also help to keep animals out of sensitive areas.

Another benefit of installing an interlock system is that it can improve the appearance of the villa’s landscaping. Well-designed interlocking pavers can add beauty and visual appeal to any area, and they can also help to protect the underlying soil from erosion. In addition, interlocking pavers by Antonovich Group offer slip-resistant surfaces that are ideal for pool decks, walkways, and other high-traffic areas.

Demolish Service - Our Construction and Demolition team provides unique methods, use up-to-date machinery in accordance with project requirements, completion of projects on time, full compliance with safety principles, environmental measures through material recycling, and client satisfaction, and ultimately accept any type of challenging project. We are successful in business because we use innovative solutions in conjunction with prior experiences, new technologies, elite talents, renewable energies, and adherence to safety principles.

Plants and complete Landscape Design Solutions - Antonovich Group has implemented a new revolutionary technology for this luxury project at Golf Villa in Dubai to meet the UAE's vision of a Sustainable Environment and Infrastructure,' including growth systems, structures, equipment, and nursery management approaches.

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