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Modern Classic Exterior Design Project

House plan designs from Luxury Antonovich Design is the perfect balance between its external design and interior decoration.Exterior design is also a multi-faceted process that involves a number of stages. The first thing that catches the eye in this project - the magnificent entrance gates. The gate is decorated with gilded forged elements. The family crest became the part of the gate decorations. Creating Family logo increasingly becoming part of the elite projects. In this way, the owners of luxury property underline their status and perpetuates the history of his family. The design of gates and fencing the site blends perfectly with the design of the exterior of the building. Bright facades of houses in the classical style elegantly contrasting with the dark green multi-gabled roofs.In the best tradition of classic style, the house had decorated with the graceful columns with stucco, pilasters, moulded cornices and pediments. landscape design in a classic style continues elegant villa's image. The area around the house is decorated with green perennial plants, conifers and flowering shrubs. Charming elements for a comfortable outdoor recreation became round gazebo with dome roofs and columns. Inside of the house designers have provided a large terrace with windows over the entire height of the walls. The luxurious and noble appearance of the house became perfect embodiment of the classical style. Despite this villa has its own individual character.

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