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Villas Exterior Design in Nigeria


With the continued expansion of Business of Luxury Antonovich Design All over the world, we are very glad to present to our followers and client one of the successful projects that we have done from Africa which is situated at the residential heat of Nigeria. As we are continuously creating Projects in South Africa, we are very happy that all our Existing and accomplished projects are always ending up with a very nice feedback and contentment from the client. It was created in the form of Contemporary Design with a very luxurious and magnificent design and decorations. We have managed to perfectly select all the materials according to the weather and environment of the Villa.

Contemporary Exterior Design In Nigeria

The elevation of this house is very detailed yet very creative as it includes different shapes and angles all over the Exterior Design. The exterior design is mixed of the composition of concrete hard materials and stylish bricks. The colour scheme if the Exterior design is neutral yet we have managed to select a high quality of paint to be used. The huge rectangular and square tinted windows have a very nice balancing design and finishing. The Grand Entrance area was indeed very spacious as you can bare take the car from the main door of the villa. In one part of the Landscape area, we have put up a very relaxing native, local style sitting area covered with a stylish umbrella which can be the best place for the family and visitor to have a nice bonding. Since that Nigeria has a very rich soil, we have installed and decorated creative plants arrangement all over the landscape area. Everyone will be surprised as they reach the swimming pool area of this Villa as we have created a very wonderful and splendid design and style. It was more than a resort like swimming pool as we have installed special features like underwater lightings and manmade waterfalls. Aside from the very unique design of the swimming pool, what is very unique in this part is the outdoor sitting area located in the swimming pool itself with a manmade fireplace decoration on the centre. The swimming pool has been surrounded by very stylish natural plants.

How to maximize the space of a spacious Contemporary Villa

Since that this villa has a very nice and spacious Landscape area, we have managed to place the parking area on it with wide occupancy, so the owner of the villa can be able to use it and with the visitors as well. We have arranged a very relaxing native style furniture’s for the outdoor sitting as well with a combination of stylish lightings and decorative water features. What is more exciting on this villa design is that we have put up a playground as part of the landscape area for the young members of the family to enjoy the outdoor activity using their own villa space. Our designers come up with a very bright idea to install an outdoor grilling station and cooking area with a very nice sitting area when the family and the visitors can enjoy the whole relaxing outdoor experience.

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