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Modern Facade Design in Dubai

In this modern day of living most of the people are looking for the convenience that would probably provide all the desires and comfort in everyday life. Dubai is the center of business and leisure not only for the country but also the entire Middle East. We have recently experienced a huge number of demands for the Modern Style Project in Dubai. The project is usually located on the high-end residential areas in Dubai wherein the standard was indeed on the highest level of demand. There is nothing to worry about on this matter as Luxury Antonovich Design is the Top Architectural and Interior Design Company that can absolutely deliver all the possible solutions to be able to accomplish the Most Creative Façade Design in Dubai. Creating a Modern Project has never been hard and risky for the Team as we are considering it a very challenging work to be able to develop and to be updated for the latest modern trend when it comes in creating new Modern Projects.

This Project is situated on the very nice positioning of the land area. We have taken it as an advantage to be able to develop the Project more nicely. All the angles and facing of this project is very well appropriate the best viewpoints. We are proudly presenting this Modern Façade Design as you can notice the most accurately aligned structures on this Project. From the well-balanced Elevation, we have made possible that all the angles and spaces of this project have a proportion of features. The roof design is narrow with a very fine and smooth decoration finishing on the upper part of the exterior. As per the owner instruction, we have installed huge stylish tinted windows to emphasize a unique and modern style exterior design. On the upper middle, we have installed a semi-round shaped glass window matches the decoration from the upper part of the exterior, it gives the modern accent throughout the main feature of the house. The Entrance area was indeed very trendy and stylish as we have selected a wooden hard door decorated with natural plants and modern style outdoor lamps. The driving way towards the main entrance was indeed very welcoming as we have installed an elegant fountain design on the Middle. We make it sure that the arrangement of the plants, trees, and grass will not look like very crowded so we able to minimize using huge plants, instead we have organized the landscape design in the neatest way that we can do to be able to stick with the Modern style concept. Lavish Landscape lamps will be seen scattered on the ground, this idea completes very romantic feels of a Modern Style living. Even the boundary walls/ fence design was indeed a very unique idea, we have combined a brown color and clear white paint choosing the premium standard of paint. On one side of the Landscape is the garage area wherein the client can park a maximum of three cars, wherein we have designed a wooden elevated roof throughout the area. Thinking of the best place to bond even inside the home premises? There is nothing to be bored about as we have managed to put up the best family area with a very comfortable seating area, outdoor grilling and cooking area. In the middle was a stylish water feature to balance the very relaxing mood of the area.

Our team will always be proud of presenting every successful work of art that we are continuously creating. Most especially for the Modern inspired projects wherein we can provide additional inspiration through every client.

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