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Superb luxury exterior design


Castle-like homes are on trend again because of the classic and luxury style that it gives to the homeowners. Luxury Antonovich Design offers such great designs in their wide range of exterior portfolio that goes beyond just one style. This new endeavor by the award-winning company is very rich in design, its colors are tremendous and its size is huge and enormous. We are proud to show you this new design because of its distinctive design that will surely be a standout in any luxury villages. If you have this house in your neighborhood then you will surely have an amazing life because of its awesome design. We believe that this is something that anyone will wish they could get. The structure is amazingly built with the right materials that are top-notch and out-of-this-world. Be in awe everytime you see this castle-like house.


This gated house is built with much importance. Its gate is tall with colors of gray and black. These colors are surely majestic and are easily recognizable as your own. The gates are not that tall but will definitely give a nice view of the house. Circular shapes are utilized to have a great look at the castle. As you view the pictures below, you will notice that every side of the house has designs that are well-thought of. No side is just plain and simple. All sides are detailed and have a personality on its own. The roof is equally amazing. We also cannot ignore the plants used in this house. They are gorgeous and are recommended to any luxury houses. The windows are big, we believe that this gives the house a more extravagant look. You will surely not deny that magnificence of this house because of its amazing structure. Every side of the house has windows that are nice to look at.


The front side of the house has pathways that lead to the main entrance of the entire area. Be amazed by its design because you will feel like royalty in this every gorgeous house by Luxury Antonovich Design. The back portion is not left behind with its attention to detail. The left side of the house has everything that you would love in a castle, while the right side gives you this majestic view of the entire home. Some noteworthy feature of this house is its huge swimming pool, partnered with an equally huge open area to give space to relaxation and unwinding. A luxury house isn't complete without these features. Enjoy the best moment of your life in the comfort of your own. Be it day or night, you will surely have a peaceful time with this amazing design.

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