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Contemporary exterior


Contemporary house is usually modest with clean lines and large windows with a precise decorative trim. Contemporary style exterior has flat and concrete shed roofs, symmetrical shapes, and open floor plans resounding architect-designed homes. Luxury Antonovich Design is usually creating every Contemporary Exterior design as extra special and stylish. The Architecture and Design team is always making sure that it has a perfect balance and symmetrical feature on the entire Exterior Design.

The composition of a Wonderful Contemporary Exterior Design

We are very proud to present our latest creation of Contemporary Exterior Design. This Project was indeed very unique and stylish as we have selected all the wonderful and high standards selection of materials. All the areas of the house have been featured to be able to show how symmetrical we have accomplished this Exterior Design. We have selected perfect shades of paints and have chosen to have a balance of neutral colours. It has the most welcoming entrance area as we have decorated the entire area with a wonderful masterpiece of hard wooden carvings which is very stylish and unique matched with the high-quality Main Door with exceptional design. The Exterior has been designed with huge windows with the best quality mirrors. On the Landscape design are a wonderful arrangement of the rounded sitting area made up of native hardwoods and very stylish and comfortable foams and pillows. This sitting area has been decorated with a manmade four standing fireplace decoration. We have selected a hard marble top table at the centre of the sitting area. This elegant sitting area has been surrounded with very stylish local plants to be able to feel the natural comfort of nature feels the atmosphere. A huge Window from the interior has been placed beside this sitting area, it was really a smart idea as the owner of the house and the visitors can enjoy the outside view of the Landscape design as it was overlooking from the interior of the house. Across the sitting area is the very luxurious design of the Swimming pool area. Beside on it is another relaxing sitting place where the family members and the visitors can relax and enjoy the swimming pool and landscape view. We have also managed to put up a grilling and outdoor cooking area with a very nice decoration of water feature and fountain.

The Luxury Antonovich Design Team has a goal of providing all the best exceptional work towards every Project Design that we are creating. We are always inspired by the wonderful characteristics of every Client and Family who’s is always been choosing our services to provide and deliver their requirements and achieve their Dream House. It is always our great pleasure to exceed every client’s expectation up to the final turn in the project. We are continuously working not only to achieve the success in every work but also to bring out all the happiness and satisfaction throughout every Client.

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