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Luxe Exterior Design


Luxury Antonovich Design has been creating Different kinds of Luxurious Exterior Design for over years. In every Exterior Design, there is the Professional Architects and Designers Team that is behind every Success of every Project. To be able to start making the Exterior Design, There will be a set of guidelines that need to consider such as completing the requirement of the Client. Once that the Client hand over the current layout of the Project the Architects and Design Team will be able to start studying it to be able to know how to start developing the Project. There will be sets of Meeting and Discussion between the Project Manager, Designer and the Clients to be able to know all the precise requirement of the Client. By then, the team can be able to start developing the layout and the step by step presentations of the 3d Design. One of the most important parts of the Luxurious Project is the Exterior Design. Where in the Team shall be requiring the full focus and systematic developments in implementing all the details for the Exterior Design.

This Luxe Exterior Design is one example of a perfect distribution of an organized and Efficient work of art. We can proudly say that this Exterior design has been accomplished a very symmetrical Elevation scheme and Design, As we have possibly made the perfect balance mood of the sizes and design of the Windows and the main Door. We have selected a perfect choice of concrete roof materials and its scheme. As per the project owner suggested, we have followed their personal choice to have neutral and selective colors for the exterior. However, we have managed to choose the best quality of paint that we have used for the entire Exterior Walls. The fence and Gate design have been creatively performed as we have carefully studied the appropriate heights. We have installed a premium class marble for the Entrance Area, Matched with a glamorous outdoor chandelier to experience a very welcoming mood on the Exterior. We have surprisingly managed to put up a very relaxing seating area in one part of the outdoor area where people can sit, relax and enjoy the perfect bonding place.

Working for Excellence with Passion

Luxury Antonovich Design is providing every work with the full inspiration to provide all the Best Luxe Exterior Design. With the good conversation and understanding with the client, every successful outcome has been always possible. As we are working not only to achieve excellence towards work but most especially the full team is working with Passion and Great Vision to achieve the success.

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