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Luxury Villa Exterior

Architectural landscape design from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design is always an absolute harmony between the exterior of the building and the improvement of the territory.New techniques of composition and new architectural images that created by talented designers and architects combine a philosophical approach, the use of advantages of new technologies and creative solutions. The plasticity of the building impresses with its splendor and literally dazzling beauty. And the elite landscape design embodies the best traditions of the region with an almost year-round warm climate.Features of the region where the construction of the house will take place, are necessarily considered in each project.The aesthetic perfection of the project is based on a harmonious combination of such traditional architectural elements as canopies, porticoes, terraces and fountains.The highlight of the project became a sculptural composition that adorned the fountain. These are snow-white sculptures of Arabian horses, on which the crystal-clear water flows.This romantic moment gives the surrounding the house area a luxurious and noble image.The landscape design of the entrance area immediately adjusts to nice perceive both the facade of the building and the interior.Architects of Antonovich Design skillfully use composite solutions to create a harmonious image of a luxury villa.Order a project of landscape design in the Antonovich Design studio means to get the best and unique by its beauty solutions. Elite landscape design becomes a luxurious frame of the architectural pearl. These are images are created for centuries to come

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