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Exterior design Nigeria


With the Continues patronage of our Clients in Africa, we have been always motivated extend our services and developments towards every project that we are dealing with and provide the most exceptional and Luxurious project with all through with our valued Clients. We have always known that South Africa has been gifted with a very nice weather and surroundings, that is why Local people love to establish their properties and houses along the Nation. We are very grateful to claim that we have recently gaining clients from Nigeria which are usually requiring for their Residential and Commercial Projects. Some of our team has been visited the Country for a couple of times to do the supervision stage of the project and make sure that all the developments have been done appropriately.

Step by step Procedures and Implementation to achieve the Best Exterior Design

We are very proud to present this another work of art as we are dearly inspired by the African Culture and environmental philosophy. This project has been situated at the heart of the calmness residential area in Nigeria. So first we have managed to organize a very systematic planning of the entire land area to be able to maintain the accuracy of the height of the structure and its design. We did a very symmetrical Elevation as we have maintained the good balance with the sizes of windows, Main door and the perfect height of the fence and gate design. The gate design is very unique as we have used an exclusive metallic made and designed with the initials of the owner on it. From the fence design, even it is made up of very concrete materials; we did very special carvings. A very classical and stylish outdoor gypsum and wall carvings have been decorated the entire Exterior design of the Villa. Classical design windows and the Main door has been selected by the owner of the villa to complete the very nice Exterior design feature. We have installed a very glamorous outdoor chandelier on the main entrance of the Villa. At the back side of the villa, we have arranged a very comfortable outdoor sitting area with a good selection of high-quality outdoor chairs. The full landscape design has been surrounded with a greenish arrangement of grass with some stylish chairs. From the Aerial view of the villa, you will be surprised with an outdoor landscape design on the Second floor, were in decorative materials has been perfectly organized by a very selective premium class furniture and decorations.

This Exterior Design was indeed another masterpiece that something to be proud of as we have completely provided exactly the requirement of the client. In fact, we have exceeded their expectations as we have perfectly delivered the most precise materials and furniture’s that they have desired to be installed on this Villa. As a Top Architecture and Interior Design Company All over the world, Luxury Antonovich design will continuously bring out all the best world-class solutions and implementations towards every work.

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