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exterior house design Florida


In the most wonderful Weather in Florida, where in Local Residents, Investors and even tourists have been always having the best choice of investing a Property, located this magnificent Place. The perfect weather will be experienced for the whole year round. The perfect Environment that gives a very secure and convenient sensation all over the place is such an inviting sentiment for everyone. However, Generating a Project in Florida needs to comply with the standards of the area. There are some specific manners that need to consider such as the proper Elevation of the House wherein all the dimensions and sizes should be well balanced with the neighbourhoods. Even creating the exterior design of the house shall have points that need to consider and to balance the design for communities around the project. To be able to cope up with the standards of every project according to the location, the client/ Project Owner shall consult a company that can provide the most accurate services and solutions. Since that Luxury Antonovich Design is currently now expanding the business internationally, it is now easier for our team to reach our Client in different areas of the World. As we have started to establish our office branch in Florida USA and soon in Shanghai China, we are very glad that our Team is more making the hands-on work through every Project. And this Exterior House design is one of our recent Projects which is situated at the heart of residential areas in Florida.

How we did it?

On the first glance of this Exterior Design, you will immediately notice how concrete and premium the materials have been selected and installed. The Exterior Design itself is very unique as we have painted it with a matte gold, a use of decorative bricks and white paint linings in every window. The windows are huge to balance the broad side of the house; we have selected a premium glass on it as well as the glass material that we have used to complete every balcony design. The main Door Design was extremely such a work of art as it embodies the uniqueness and artistic piece from one of our Door Material Supplier. The Land area was really wide so we maximize the space by providing a non-congested design and decoration. There is a huge area of parking space. A decorative Exterior lamp is very well installed to be able to maintain the exceptional mood of the house even in the evening time. Creating an Exterior House Design most especially in USA parts needs to consider the importance of all the materials that shall be used in completing the project. All the Materials was also accurately be selected according to the requirement of the project, and always needs to consider the kind of environment and climate of the area.

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