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Luxury exterior design


Wanna know what is like to have a marvelous oasis in your backyard? The Luxury Antonovich Design Company knows all the newest and most the preferable options in exterior design Abuja. Were designing spaces that show everything about you, your home and surrounding. Luxury Antonovich Design takes a look at all aspects of your home and property including your lifestyle. What is a house without a beautiful garden of gorgeous exotic plants that brings freshness into your space and makes the air soft and kind like in heaven...

All the elements of exterior design are foudational and natural. That is why the combination of the house and all the filling in exterior and yard is very light and calm, but at the same time the decorative items make the space look luxurious and majestic. The mix of golden/black elements and stone attach great importance of your space and inspire confidence and sense of security.


We are looking for the best decisions in patio furniture, landscaping ideas, and see how we can create attractive, safe, and functional exterior design of your villa or house. Exciting sounds of nature can be found in your own backyard — rustling leaves, waterfalls with their moving water, the sweet singing of birds sitting on a tree near your window.

Our task number one is to create the most multifunctional and comfortable space for you where you can spend your time with your family sitting near the swimming pool or playing tennis on your own tennis court designed especially for you. Someone said — “Sky is the limit!”, but we are here to prove the Luxury Antonovich Design Company has no limits in matters of design, decoration, projecting and construction Abuja.


Brightness is measured in pleasure received from what you see. Colors possess incredible strength and are able to change the viewed picture into something stunningly great and astonishing. Flowers take a big and one of the most significant places in exterior design and landscaping ideas of gardening. That is why the Luxury Antonovich Design Company chooses only the best species from the newest international floristic exhibitions where you can find the latest novelties of plants, technologies and equipment. All the outdoor flowers decorations are ideally matched to a wide range of your exquisite taste and preferences. Our company uses only special plants materials and flowers to create a balanced composition with a pleasing harmony. These elements can be read as the artwork and fully respected and implemented all the floral principles.

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