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Luxurious Exterior Design in Dubai


Living in Dubai was such an amazing feels that you can enjoy the Luxurious world of fashion, style and different culture of Lifestyle. Now days, not only the Local Emirati has the interest to buils properties and houses in Dubai but also Investors, Business Man, and other foreigners that had enjoy the friendly and the safest atmosphere of the country. On the fast rising Demand of different Luxurious Design requirement from our client recently, Our Team has been decided to upgrade and undergo a special learning just to cope up with the latest trend in providing a Luxurious Design with a touch of Arabian Style.

Everyone will love this Luxurious Exterior Design as it has been completed not only to produce a deluxe design but also a very artistic and colourful design. From the swimming pool design, you will immediately notice that the shape itself is away from the usual swimming pool, from the boundary wall we have installed a manmade set of water falls with a creative back ground and plants in the walls. The swimming pool area is more stunning during the night as we have scattered floor lights. On the both sides of the swimming pool is a native made comfortable sitting. The full landscape area has been decorated with colorful plants, Greenish trees and scattered grass. Sets of sun batting chairs have been perfectly arranged in different sides of the swimming pool area. The most amazing part of this Luxurious Exterior design is that, we have managed to put up an outdoor family sitting area with Television, it can be covered by a transparent outdoor curtain. The parking space has to be very spacious so we have occupied one part of the landscape and make it as full parking area. Looking for a better place to bond even while inside your own place? Yes, we made it possible to provide a wide and comfortable sitting area with Barbeque and outdoor grilling space outdoor which can be a shisha place also. Again, I must admit that the selection of the colorful plants contributes a very important role on this Luxurious Exterior Design as it brought up the most joyful atmosphere all over the area.

I must say that a project turns out to be Luxurious, once that it has been well delivered and associated with passion and inspiration from the designer. Luckily, Luxury Antonovich Design has a very Hands on Chief Designer – Ms. Katerina Antonovich who is making sure that she has her personal touch in every project the team is being involved. In this matter the assurance of having the most effective and Luxurious Projects has been always perfectly executed.

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