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Modern Exterior Design in UAE


Creating a Modern Exterior Design in UAE is not only about making a Modern style, we need to consider and implement an Arabian style influence as well. Though it would be an extra challenging for the Designers and Architects however it always brings up the most fulfilling experience once everything has been executed successfully. Aside from the fact that Luxury Antonovich design has the most talented and skilled team when it comes to developing Modern Designs, We are also continuously open to adopting new learning’s and ideas most especially in new and upcoming trends when it comes to designing.

This Modern Style Exterior design is obviously having the most appropriate elevation scheme as it is perfectly indicated the specific details using the special feature in the design. The use of hard and concrete materials, considering the Extreme weather season of the country even it changes to winter or summer. Walls and roof materials are concretely hard and thick using the premium quality of materials. We have used a decorative bricks design to patches and draped some areas of the exterior wall. A balance size of the windows has been installed in the plainest modern design. We have installed decorative plants in some areas in the outdoor to achieve a touch of nature for the exterior design. A decorative tent has been installed in on side of the outdoor area to cover a relaxing sitting area. This Modern Exterior Design is composed of 3 story floors with a very classy and trendy style. We have decided to select a neutral color of light brown and white to achieve a perfect balance scheme. The full outdoor area has a perfect arrangement of floors schemes as we have to combine installing decorative outdoor tiles and wooden pots for the plants.

The ​​​​​​​United Arab Emirates has been always well known as the Modern Arabian Capital of the Middle East as the center of diversity leaves on the entire Country. Many of the investors, Businessman and foreigners ​​​​​​​have​​​​​​​ been decided to live in the country for good as it caters the safest and luxury Modern style of living. And to cope up with this new trendy Lifestyle, Luxury Antonovich design is always ready to provide all the best Modern Exterior Design all over the Country.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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