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Classic luxury exterior


a classic exterior design never goes out of style. So far, our team has been able to showcase our amazing works of contemporary and modern exterior. In this article we will show you something more classic from our designs. Our company Luxury Antonovich Design has been developing mansions for decades and we have come a long way. The traditional style of exterior is still popular up to this day. It resembles tradition and culture which has a very rich history. It is fun to play with different textures and elements especially if you want a more customized and personalized home exterior that will differ from the rest. This home has that timelessness peculiar aesthetic which our amazing team have perfectly captured and implicated. This home design is not that complex but you will notice that the design leans towards a more classic style. The windows which are barrel-arched is a specific design that adds up to the grand facade of the home. This are also functional windows which helps the home have enough sunlight inside. The landscape is strategically designed to enhance the the overall look of the home. The customized fence with fancy intricate damask carvings adds an intimate ambiance to the exterior, while all the natural elements around create an amazing contrast to it.


You will notice the designs around the windows and the edges on the roof create a more classic look. The paint of the entire exterior is in neutral which creates a warm and intimate atmosphere. Our team decided on building it with concrete while it is surrounded by grasslands. We make sure that each home that we design has its own unique personality. The overall design of this home respectfully binds the cultural and traditional designs of the Arabic culture. Our amazing masonry work has built the frames in the fencing which resembles strength. We built every exterior in line with the principles of designing here are some of our amazing guidelines.

  • Symmetry: our team believes that symmetry plays an important part when it comes to achieving a well-designed space. The door is centered and the windows have an exact spacing and numbers on each side of the home.
  • Materials: our team always make sure to build strong homes that can stand the test of time. That is why we use high-quality materials to provide durability. This will also make your home more sturdy which is a great investment for a long time.
  • Windows: the arched windows in this exterior creates an amazing symmetrical shape. It also helps with the home’s ventilation. We choose carefully what window shape will suit your home’s design to make it look appealing.

When it comes to your home’s exterior design our team has vowed to give our clients the best exterior they can have. We value our clients that is why we give them the best designs. Feel free to message us if you wish to have an amazing exterior design.

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