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Architectural design

The Luxurious Exterior

The definition of luxury varies from different perspectives and characteristics of an architectural design. The views are often surreal with additional greeneries, foliage, and the house is constructed with natural materials. The brick roof creates a cooler ambiance as this material is heat absorbent and it is easy to maintain as well. Take a small journey to our architectural design and see how this beautiful mansion is made. 

Succulent Garden Landscape

Bringing life to the mansion the garden landscape is constructed to add greens to the atmosphere. These plants are naturally stunning that they add life to your home architectural design. Many might think that the garden and landscape is such an easy job, but it isn't it requires expertise and a keen eye for details for a garden landscape to boost the house's appeal. It is not only on the inside that we have to focus on, adding accents makes the house look more gleaming. Flora and fauna make the surrounding of your home look more natural and inviting especially with guests. 

  • Water: adding a body of water like a fountain or a small man-made pond makes energy flow within the landscape or garden area. 
  • Trees: Trees bloom in the pathway makes a grand entrance in the house that creates an elegant and regal feel to your home. 
  • Garden Border: Adding a garden border to the surrounding of your house makes your garden look extraordinary with the luscious green vibes. 

Classic details

Outstanding features of traditional homes are a great and timeless architectural detailing. It is a popular design because of the simplicity and beauty that it reflects. It is an exquisite style of design that is somehow different from the others. With it's strong and durable materials it will surely last a lifetime. This means adding a charming, garden landscape, and elusive entrance, and a very relaxing house for you and your family. The paint leans towards a much-simplified approach as it uses a single color which is white. This versatile color makes some of the other exterior detail highlighted. It adds a crisp and airy feel that makes a pristine home impression of your classic house. It adds a great backdrop especially for the luxurious garden which creates a fresh and clean look. 

With a great professional background with architecture and design, the Luxury Antonovich Design firm has vowed into building the best architectural design in the country. From the classic style up to contemporary whatever the client requires, they deliver! 

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