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Luxury Exterior in Pakistan

Interior design and architecture of the architect consultant engineering Luxury Antonovich Design Studio it is the creation of unique masterpieces of beauty in all directions.And the exterior design of a building becomes a wonderful way to express the beauty and create the right first impression. The exterior design as any area of design art is subject to fashion influences and stylistic directions. And this magnificent palace reflects the best traditions of classical style with accents of Baroque and Rococo.Owners of luxury residence wanted to get the project of the house , which will become part of history and will delight more than one generation of the family. The plan house project of the building is characterized by a perfect compositional structure. They are connected with a proportional ratio of the individual parts of the building.The dividing of architectural forms to different details provides of stunning beauty plasticity of the building.Because of proper scaling, the expressiveness and harmonious perception of the building depends on. All parts of the building, such as windows, stairs, railings, balustrades, columns, porticos, stucco, pilasters and other architectural elements that are characteristic of rococo and baroque style, architectural consultants in uae of studio Luxury Antonovich Design combine in the lush and gorgeous image of a modern palace. The house layout plans of luxury palatial residence has ideal proportions. The building looks perfectly from different angles. Harmonious continuation of the exterior design of the house was the landscape design and equipping the territory around it. This is another masterpiece of architectural house plans and design bureau the Luxury Antonovich Design, which will undoubtedly go down in history.

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