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Architecture projects

Architecture Project

This is another exceptional Architectural design that we are proudly presenting as we have implemented all amazing and Luxurious solutions to complete this project. Luxury Antonovich Design not only promising great work in all our Creations but also the proper set of budgeting and very systematic planning. This Architectural Project embodies a very sophisticated design like no other as the client has been carefully instructed us for their specific points that they wanted to see on this project.

Amazing Architectural Project By Katerina Antonovich

To achieve a very successful Architectural Project, we need to consider all specific details from the roots up to the final polishing. Everyone will be amazed at how fascinating the Landscape has been perfectly done. With a very wide area of the driving space up to the captivating installation of the grass colorful plants and the use of local trees all over the area. At the center was a fabulous design of the fountain surrounded by greenish plants. Three stylish domes have been installed as the main Roof Design, and the other parts have been chosen to stay with a concrete roof finishing. Have you noticed how elegant the Main Entrance of this Architectural Design is? It was indeed a very lovable feel to enter on this Property with a very warm welcome. A perfect Elevation has been implemented with this Architectural Project as we can obviously see the good balancing of every space, Windows and Door sizes, Even the balconies have been perfectly arranged according to the elevation design. Boundary walls have a very detailed carving design. We have set up an outdoor sitting area in some parts, providing a very comfortable set of outdoor sofa chairs. A very amazing semi indoor swimming pool (with Roof) is located in one part of the house where the owner will enjoy a luxurious and Exclusive design of the pool with Jacuzzi. A very fascinating design has been perfectly delivered in this area, from the walls and door design, Installation of manmade fireplace decorations and a pool swimming area. We have selected a high-quality Marble for this area which is not slippery for safety purpose.

In every Architectural Project that we are creating, there is always the highest set of standards and goals that we need to consider. First is all the points and requirements by the Client. Project Owner, Second is considering the budget of the Client and most especially to accomplish a very inspirational work of art that we can leave a history of inspirational work. We are aiming to continuously deliver all the best Architectural Project with originality.

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