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Best exterior design project


Zen houses are usually the type that gives a minimalist and modern style. Not to be confused with contemporary style. This new house project by Luxury Antonovich Design has a zen type design which is very likeable and will easily make you fall in love with. The exterior design is luxurious and extravagant. It is kn boxed style shapes that are very modern. In front, you will notice the excellent work of art in the beautiful home. The pattern paired with the gorgeous lighting gives an amazing effect at night, making the home a standout in its place. The shapes that are particularly rectangle provides such elegance and minimalism. This gives the neighbors and visitors a feel that the family inside are intact, precise and perfect. You will feel like your are on top with this house like this. The gated design is extra awesome. The wood pairing is exceptional. Don’t be confused by its magnificence because you will surely love it even more with more time and look. The combination of white, brown and glass are great. This is giving the house an extra feel of luxury. When we do luxury, we mean it. This huge home is a testament of how we create an amazing design that is not only enormous but also beautoful and ergonomic. We believe in providing the best of the best for each and every clients and we know that you only deserve nothing but the best. This exterior design simplifies the meaning of beautiful. It gives you another flavor of luxury with its precise look.


Inside the gorgeous house, you will feel like you are in a resort that is world-class and on top of the rankings. Feel like a king or a queen with its gorgeous landscapes and awesome hotel-like surroundings. The exterior designs are beautiful and you will surely love staying here for several hours. The chairs, tiles, fountains and all the details in the room are amazingly designed; giving the home the luxury design it needed. Feel like you are on top of the world with its magnificent details. The couch beside the plants are a perfect relaxation space for you and your friends. The open space is perfect for large gatherings and huge parties. Be the star of your own house by giving your guests a feeling of luxury and elegance. The windows are minimalist yet extravagant. It gives an ambiance of a luxury hotel with its glossiness and adaptability. We believe that this is something everyone would love. Be it you are into the stylistic theme or the minimalist ones, you will surely adore this lovely and extravagan exterior design.

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