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Exclusive exterior design


The first impression of the house we have by its appearance. Acquaintance with any building begins with the facade (exterior). By its appearance, you can get an idea about the owner, to understand his preferences and tastes.

The quality of finishes and materials for the exterior of the house by Luxury Antonovich Design is at a high level, the finish perfectly protects against moisture and cold, is non-toxic and resistant to corrosion. Selecting fit-out materials for the facade, our designers and architects pay great attention to the climatic conditions of the region. Choosing a method of finishing it is equally important to consider the design of the neighboring buildings to create the architectural appearance of your house.

Exterior buildings, made in classics, have the required elements of decor:

— white stone columns;

— balustrades;

— eaves;

— parapets;

— bas-reliefs;

— stucco decoration.


Refinement makes it possible to integrate the architectural design of the building in any landscape or building of any kind. The original Luxury Antonovich Design country house was modeled on eclectic style country villas. Important features of the house and surrounding design are borrowed from the concept of classics. In addition, individual touches of the house are the expression of the aesthetics and values of ancient eras. All this interweaving of styles allowed to achieve a very interesting result.

Stucco molding, engravings and forging — the most popular components in the elements of the refined design of the house from Luxury Antonovich Design. This style is mainly emitted to lovers of a large number of decorative elements. Thanks to this choice, you can display a variety of images and ornaments.

The shapes and lines of the exterior of the house in classic style from Luxury Antonovich Design are clear, the geometry is successfully underlined by the rust, located on the sides of the house. The interior is enriched with balconies, bay windows and niches that provide comfort and at the same time fill the house with light, and various kinds of closed and open terraces create optimal conditions for outdoor recreation.

Light shades of one color palette create a feeling of comfort and reliability with which every corner and element of this monumental structure is seen. The fragments of well-thought landscape design are chosen to emphasize the dominant place of the house on the site and successfully complement it.

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