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Modern medical centers exterior


Clinical buildings don’t have to be too serious and boring. In Luxury Antonovich Design, we take every project, be it a retail building, a luxury home, or a medical facade, to a magnificent work of art. This new venture by our company is seen as a bold move with its exterior design. To start off, the shape of the overall exterior isn’t the normal ones you see in the city. We took a different approach and created a masterpiece of the modern and contemporary style of buildings. If you are into the minamalism yet creative way of style then you will surely love our design. You can feel like you are in an extravagant hotel with the magnificent exterior design of this clinic. The clinic has an “S” shaped form with patterns that are very modern and trendy. It is perfect for luxury check-ups and high-class medications. Be amazed by its dazzling window display as it sets the mood of the building. You wouldn’t feel like you are in a clinic because of its magnificence and loveliness.


Another point to be taken in the building is its mid-rise size. Clinics nowadays tend to be hard to climb and would usually take a lot of time to use the elevator. In this clinic by Luxury Antonovich Design, you are sure to have an ease of mind with its mid-rise structure that is perfect for those who are on-the-go and is fast moving. No more waiting for so long as we can provide the perfect experience for you. Another thing that you will love is its colors. The colors of the building are neutral in a shade of dark and white; perfect combination if you feel like going to a luxury place. The plants on the side also give the building a place to breathe. Going to clinics can be a bit stressful but Luxury Antonovich Design do it kn a refined, elegant way.

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