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Best architect Nigeria Lagos

You deserve the best

Being involved in the project, that is how the architect and designers should be with the design process and construction of your home. Starting from conceptualizing up until the construction completion. The Luxury Antonovich Design firm is very hands-on when it comes to their projects. They help all throughout and if needed, they are also the ones who hire the workers or subcontractors. Interior design is also a part of their companys expertise. Your house design and plan is in the hands of whichever architect you hire, with the Luxury Antonovich Design company its not just homes that are being built, they also build a great business to client relationship to make sure that the desires and request of each client are being met. IT is true that different architects provide different services, but the scope of the design and architecture expertise of the Luxury Antonovich Design firm is the best among the rest.

Expect Results

The process starts with the conceptualizing, and then the rendering or creating a 3d model of the house sketch. This helps on projecting how the construction flow would work, which makes the construction easy to navigate. The Luxury Antonovich Design firm follows specific guidelines to ensure that your house has all the necessary safety plans. Hiring the professional team of the Luxury Antonovich Design firm will make your dream house come to life. They have been the most well-known design firm and architectural designer in Nigeria and they have been the top most recommended as well.

The structure

The model house shown above is a classic structure and architectural project of the Luxury Antonovich Design. The design consists of classic traditional elements that make a home luxurious and elegant in every way.

  • Paint: White paint is a classic choice that is perfect for house exterior designs. White is a great heat absorbent shade so the house will bounce back the heat.
  • Pillars: The pillars makes a great impression of your house exterior. It adds statement and it adds a harmonious feel to the home.
  • Entrance: The entrance should look welcoming and the entryway should have a great design to add impact to your house entrance.

Narrow down your search and inquire now with the Luxury Antonovich Design firm to start building your dream house. They are tried and tested, with being in the business for over that a decade it is surely the best architecture and design firm in Nigeria, Lagos. Do not hesitate to contact the company to get a sample quote. The beauty of your home is in the hands of your chosen architect. Choose wisely!

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