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Traditional Exterior House Design

Gorgeous exterior house design

One of the best design companies in UAE Luxury Antonovich Design is proud to present you this beautiful house exterior design. The main twist of design is its fascinating decorating elements. Building is richly adorned by friezes, pilasters, vases, other sculptures. Our company knows how to make a project in classical style unique using little adorable details. We always create an architectural masterpiece.
In the photos it is clearly visible that the house designers paid a great attention to the windows. Elegant ornament above and under the pane brings a touch of luxury. On the roof and on the first floor windows are especially beautiful and gorgeous. The repeated laconic ornament on the ground floor windows makes the decoration solution completed and harmonically organized.
The front of the building is the most gorgeous and presentable. Stunning pediment decorate the inviting facade. The entrance is traditionally in two floors. Definitely, you noticed a charming ornament on window above door. On the top floor decorating composition around half-oval window is extraordinary fascinating.
The building’s construction looks unusual because of the bay windows. Multi-story bay window has its own entrance and looks like a tower. Another ones are three bay windows, situated one above the other. The first one rises from the ground. Its design is the same as the second one — very laconic, without decorations. The top bay window with three windows and pediments is amazing.
This snow-white exterior house design is charming. The wonderful decorations adorn the roof that curves around. They are vases and structures with spires. Highlighting is well organized — you can see bright lamps on the walls. Palm trees on top verandas and near the entrance please the eyes. We are sure that the owners of this house will live in atmosphere of feast.
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