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Real elite exterior design


The exterior is the outer look of the building, its shape and function, the combination of all its elements. The exterior defines the architectural style of the building, it is an attractive and original appearance. Competently planned exterior of the house allows to create a pleasant impression of the house, as well as express the individuality of the person who owns it and demonstrate the taste preferences.

It is important to understand that the chosen option for finishing the facade of a house should be not only attractive, but also functional. That is why our company Luxury Antonovich Design always use the finishing materials that are safe possible for health, as well as they protect the building structures from natural exposure: high humidity, high/low temperatures, corrosion.

To make the exterior decoration of the house look appropriate and aesthetically pleasing our designers select it taking into account these important factors:

  • Architectural style and structural features of the house;
  • Type and characteristics of the material of the wall constructions;
  • Shape of so called fifth facade — the roofing;
  • The landscape design of the ground area;
  • The general concept of the area development and the cultural traditions;
  • Natural and climatic features of the zone.


The hi-tech house of our elite project by Luxury Antonovich Design is unusual, energy efficient in appearance, comfortable and cozy inside. The style of this modern house is characterized by severity of forms, maximum of glass and metal and exposed engineering communications.

The features of this hi-tech elite house which is built according to the preferences of the owner are:

— the main focus of the architectural project is functionality;

— the use of the latest technologies;

— simplicity of home design, minimum of additional decor;

— the main materials that were used in this project design by Luxury Antonovich Design are timber, plastic, glass, metal, concrete;

— primary colors are silver, black, white and the color of wood;

— pragmatic original layout;

— engineering communications are exhibited and presented as decor;

— many mirror surfaces and fixtures;

— constructions of straight and strict forms.

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