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Villa Exterior in Abu Dhabi

The villa design Abu Dhabi has become one of the jewels in the number of luxury projects of design studio Luxury Antonovich Design. The facade design of the building became the basis of a nice visual impression of the object. This impression is based on the perfect forms and graceful contours of the building. Interior Designer Dubai uses traditional elements of the building and completes their spectacular original solutions. The villa architectural design Abu Dhabi combines the tradition of modern classics and innovation technologies. The exterior design of the building has its own vivid character. Visually easy to define a central axis of the object. This central axis became dome roof made of transparent glass. In this part of the building there is a spacious hall with a staircase, which continues luxury apartment of the villa. The exterior design emphasizes that behind the lush exterior decoration of the villa there is magnificent interior decoration. The semicircular entrance portal is decorated by exquisite pediment with bas-relief. Dubai Interior designers create unique beautiful designs, artfully combining materials, textures, colors and other aspects. Paying attention to the location of the building concerning cardinal directions, the authors with the help of home decor emphasize the play of light. Using such techniques, the designers made bright and expressive images in each project. Lush look of the building further is emphasized with luxury decorative vases that are placed around the perimeter of the roof. Open terrace on the roof is protected with exquisite balustrades.

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