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Architectural design UAE

Architectural Design In UAE

Luxury Antonovich Design is the Top Company provider of all the solution and developments for Architectural design either it is for Residential or Commercial Project. We have accomplished sets of successful Architectural Design not only in Dubai but also in the Entire country. And as we embrace the Luxurious world of Arabian style Architecture, we are very proud to say that Luxury Antonovich design is continuously making noise for the whole Middle East.

This Amazing work of art is representing a concrete and Exclusive Composition of materials that we have used. We have designed an Arabian style Huge Windows with a very stylish linings. Each window has been decorated with an artistic design of carvings. The Roof design has a very polished finishing with a special design associated with a creative outdoor gypsum. Every side has been decorated with a classic design balustrade that makes the complete architectural design luxurious. We have selected a high quality and special paint for this Project to achieve along lasting beauty of the design. Take a look at the Main entrance design and how creative we have installed the Door, We have chosen to associate with matching side windows. We have done a perfect blending of the design from the Gypsum, Tall Balustrade, and creative wall design. This pure white architectural Design has been perfectly designed with a goldish accent on the very detailed carvings. On the aerial view, we can clearly notice the seamless installation of two domes. We have carefully studied how we will be able to maximize the space of this project that is why we can obviously see the perfect balance vision of the entire project. We have set up a local tree surrounding the area to make a natural accent.  We have selected a high quality of a stylish Marble designed with gold goldish linings. Attention to details with every wall decorations was indeed very artistic and unique.

We can proudly say that this project is one of a kind accomplishment for our team. Aside ​​​​​​​to the fact that it brings us a challenging work however it is more on a very wonderful experience as we ​​​bring more inspirational work to us. We are very glad to declare that this is another successful work that we have done as we have delivered exactly the same as the Client is expecting to result.

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