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Exterior in Contemporary Style

Design that exceeds boundaries

Contemporary architecture is a functional and excellent design that nourishes different styles every time. May it be a commercial or residential, the contemporary exterior design is an increasingly popular choice for many. The Luxury Antonovich design firm will make sure to follow the necessary steps to make your dream contemporary house design come to life.

The elements

It is important to use materials that are timeless and will never go out of style. These guidelines are what we follow to make the steps to building your contemporary house smooth and fast flowing.

  • Make sure to use concrete such as stone clads, metal sheets, glass panels, gravels, wood planks, and bricks.
  • Flat roof, modern houses now have a flat roofing, that creates a minimalist and clean geometric surface. It is lightly inclined sometimes to be able to handle rainfall.
  • Greens and plants are also a nice element to add to your contemporary home, it adds a certain feeling of nature and relaxation without losing the modern aesthetic. Just make sure that the plants are not too scattered to keep the look fine and polished.
  • Sophisticated color shades that make a clean and elegant feel to the whole design.
  • The stunning pool design adds a lining that is complementary to the geometric design of the house, for a luxurious and elegant touch that makes the house more cozy and dreamy.

Contemporary is the now

Contrast to classic and modern design, contemporary means now. It is the latest trends that are modified and beautified by the trends in exterior architecture. The Luxury Antonovich Design has evolved their company into creating classics, modern, and contemporary design. The flexibility of the company makes them stand out from other companies.

The Exterior

Oozing with blue, this house model above shows how powerful color palette is for a home exterior. The shade of blue creates a cool tone that adds a calming vibe to the house exterior. The concrete walls are built to sustain the design which reflects an equal shape. The glass material used also adds a contemporary effect to the whole aesthetics giving the house exterior an infinity effect. The bricks at the front porch make the house look more natural and eco-friendly with the bricks being a natural material that is durable, recyclable, and low cost. It is resistant to different types of weather, and it has a different dimension that is attractive to any house design. because it gives an accent to the whole house exterior design.

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