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Stylish Facade in UAE


Built in the heart of one of UAE’s finest neighbourhoods, this residential project has been carefully designed to take advantage of the views and the Stylish and Artistic Façade design. Luxurious Classic style architecture combines with a luxurious lifestyle to the owner. Luxury Antonovich Design has set the highest standards of Providing Luxurious and Stylish Ideas Towards every creation and exceed every client's satisfaction. 

On this Project, All areas have been systematically arranged. We have successfully delivered the proper Elevations as all the windows and the Main door has been appropriately aligned. We have chosen a balanced thickness and quality of the windows as we have considered ambiance of the surroundings as well. Tall balustrade has been scattered installed and this completes the Classical mood of this facade. We have used an Outdoor classical Chandelier perfectly matched with outdoor lamps. The roof Design was concretely made up of high-quality materials. Since that this project is in the middle of the green land where we can see natural plants and trees surrounding, we have installed several colorful plants on the façade. We have presented one feature of this project on the night view and we can see how prestigious this project is as it embodies well balances lightings. 

Luxury Antonovich Design embraces our clients’ varying tastes and lifestyles while creating timeless, Classical Stylish façade design. This Façade Design has been shown various solutions to the distinctly different microclimates of the Arabian Classical Style. Through thoughtful detailing and refinement, we have blended seamlessly with the surroundings. Creating a very Stylish façade design requires a very systematic development in providing all the possible solutions that will cope up and produce a very successful outcome. Setting a goal to reach the most stylish Façade design according to the client requirements will help every member of the team to work harder and creative to be able to exceed the client expectation. 

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