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New look on exterior design


With the last ten years, architecture design has evolved so much. This is because of the demands, wants, and needs of different clients. The trends evolved in a way that each home exterior is designed to fit for a client’s character and style. With this, we came up with this new look in exterior design which is a mixture of modern and classic style. When you say a mixture of modern and classic is that our team planned and developed this home exterior which is inspired by both classic and modern ideas. This can also be called contemporary since it is the mending of two different styles in one home exterior. The modern classic aesthetic is a nice clean and neat exterior with a mixture of traditional elements that make it more impactful to the eyes. We try to preserve each architectural details that reflect a classic look. Whether you love the modern and minimalist look or you’re more into the traditional and cultural inspired spaces, we still believe that this new look on exterior design will be able to add inspiration for your next home project.


Luxury Antonovich Design promises to deliver house exterior plans with the perfect balance of its exterior and interior design. There are a number of things to consider when it comes to exterior design. You will notice how we incorporate some intricate metal carvings to make your home look more standout with its individual character. This amazing three-story home showcases the modern and classic design with a strong bond with cultural elements. The facade is a combination of different elements, we used glass for the windows, bricks for the attic arch, cement and wood. Our amazing architects built this home that reflects warmth and lightness. It reflects a dramatical modern look with an emphasis on the detailed exterior style. Katrina Antonovich brought her knowledge and creativity to make sure that this new home exterior differs from the rest. Our team is passionate to make sustainable exterior design with proper execution of all the elements. In a classic-modern home exterior elements should be harmonious with each other. We always make sure that the shape of your home is symmetrical with enough lighting that will give your home the best looks inside and outside. The neutral shade of the home makes it look more elegant and timeless. Our team works together with all of their effort and knowledge in order to deliver a functional home representation of the classic style with an elegant modern twist. Feel free to send us a message and together let’s build your dream home’s exterior design.

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