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Superb exterior design


It is not a secret that nowadays we first judge each other on looks. It concerns not only humans, but houses too. The exterior design of any house is its calling card, and the first impression that we form about it depends on the outer appearance of the building. That is why our designers and decorators of Luxury Antonovich Design treated with the utmost seriousness to the creation, projecting and construction of the exterior and outer look of your house. Choosing the style of design of the facade, we took into account the size of the house, the climate and the terrain, where it is located, as well as the architecture of the nearby buildings. Not the least it was very important to choose the right finishing of the house because the chosen method of finishing reflects the style and color preferences of the owners.


While designing and developing the superb exterior of the house Luxury Antonovich Design took care of external attractiveness in combination with the functional qualities of the finishing and fit out. The exterior lining that we choose protects the house from moisture, cold and wind; is resistant to direct sunlight and last, but not least — is non-toxic and safe for the owners of the house. The Luxury Antonovich Design Company uses only modern construction technologies that make possible to implement any options in exterior design of the house.

Our company offers a full range of services regarding your tastes and style in exterior design:

1. Development of draft and schematic design/ design concept.

2. 3D visualization of the future project.

3. Estimate drawing and other related documentation.

4. Selection and purchase of materials for construction and finishing.


Choosing the style of your future house and its exterior you may use a free flight of fantasy, but the unity between exterior and interior design must be respected and should not be overlooked. Stylistic decision in this project is made in such a way that the technological and ecological components co-exist in balance and harmony. The comfort of the house starts from its exterior providing a person who lives in a house with a favorable aesthetic perception. Our designers worked hard on a creation of such a project, which would be a delight for eyes, and the example in the field of architecture and design, where the principles of harmony, rigor and monumentality are combined and are simple yet incredibly elegant.

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