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Luxury Exterior


It has been always such a Great Pleasure for Luxury Antonovich Design Team to provide all the best services and Solutions in developing Luxury Exterior Design. Aside from the fact that it is one of our Specialities of work, Working for a Luxurious Design Project was indeed very exciting and Inspirational. There are some guidelines that needs to consider in creating Luxury Exterior Design, It might be the proper implementation towards the selected Concept design and the systematic developments of all areas of the project.

The exterior design of the Luxury house was very precise and detailed. However on the first glance, you will immediately notice how concrete and hard the materials have been used and selected. From the aerial view, we can see that the elevation of the has been properly aligned and symmetrical. This Luxury Exterior Design has been very well decorated by surrounding all the creative and colourful materials. Let us start with the swimming pool design, The Shape of the swimming pool is very much unique, We have installed a manmade waterfall on the fence over flowing on the swimming pool. We have completed the decoration of the fence by vine plants. A two creative native piece set of chars has been displayed on the pool side. The spool area has been surrounded by colourful plants and trees all over the area. We have surprisingly installed an outdoor seating area with Television completed with high-quality selections of furniture’s that can be last even it is outdoor and has a direct exposure with sunlight and dust. A very spacious sitting area with a barbeque and outdoor grilling has been arranged outdoor also, which can be converted into a very relaxing shisha place where the family can do the bonding for hours. There are several water feature and outdoor wall decoration in some of the areas. A covered parking space is located at the back of the landscape area, and since it is very spacious, visitors can also extend the parking area on the vacant slots of this space. A magnificent designing the outdoor hall ways has been perfectly implemented.

This Very Luxurious Exterior Design was such a work of art that something to be proud of by the entire Team. As we have implemented all the creativity and stylish way of designing the outdoor area of this house. Luxury Antonovich design is very proud to present this Wonderful Exterior Design as everything has been very well coordinated and accurate from the client requirement. Our Team is always working with passion and pride to be able to bring out all the best result towards every work.

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