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architectural design for homes


Architectural Design for Home mostly refers to historically derived design categories, from Traditional to Modern. Luxury Antonovich design is providing different style groups which are intended to reflect the common use of different architectural definitions. Every House is advised to be created by the skilled and professional Architects and Designers to be able to attain the most accurate result. Every home deserves the best and wonderful design for a very relaxing experience for the client and the full family.

This Project has been perfectly aligned with the systematic variation of special features and scheme. Let us start with the very detailed concrete materials that have been done with the roof and outdoor gypsum design. We have installed decorative and stylish windows and doors in Arabian styles inspired. This establishment has a wide and spacious landscape area. A very well and balance Elevation has been well executed. We have surrounded the whole area with local trees to add up nature accent for the design. We have maximized the space by occupying almost the full land area with the complete structure. We have chosen a neutral color to be able to match with a creative Windows and details carving wall design. We have installed a plant with a very nice vase/ jar. This Architectural Design was indeed very exceptional as we have well maintained the Arabic style of the full structure. The wall schemes have been well polished as we have used a premium /materials of Paints and the use of special glass for the windows. We have selected a high quality of marble and it has been placed all over the are.

This Architectural Design was indeed one of a kind Design and decorations that we have provided so far. Its natural uniqueness makes the structure very attractive and exclusive. Creating a work of art like this was indeed another great privilege for the full Team. And we will make sure that we will be always extending all our efforts to be able to produce an ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​extraordinary Project like this. So either the architectural ​​​​​​​Design is for residential or Commercial, the most important is to select the most professional Architect and Designer and a very well communication between the client and the Project Manager for the most successful result.

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